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Call to arms, yada, yada, yada.

Net neutrality.

I know this communtiy isn't a soap box for one's personal political slant and message boards as a forum(no pun intended) to promote politics are of a debatable use. However if one person reads this and votes for a net neutrality throughout the US it would be a good thing. 

Is there anything I can say to sell this on these boards?

Can't think of a thing...


It'll encourage kids to do a little more than give thier cash away to 'approved' corp game & media sites?

Allow small businesses to fully utilse the 'Net?

Information wants to be free?

The down side?

Well, it will royally piss of the biggest corps, orthodox religions, civil servants and goverments the world over.

And it might even encourage the next generation of hackers... apart from that I can't think of a thing?

I live in the UK but everything the US does the other lambs are sure to follow:E

So please check out the video on the link and before you decide

Below is a quickly surfed selection of sites on the subject:

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