Jamie Skella (reccy) wrote in futuretech,
Jamie Skella

Minority Report becoming reality

In 2002 Spielberg's sci-fi blockbuster captivated the imagination of millions. As we soon discovered though, most of the ideas weren't as far out into the realm of fiction as we first thought.

A remarkable new breed of touch screens have emerged, as have patents and prototypes for 3D holographic projectors that you can interact with using touch alone.

It doesn't end here though, oh no. The idea of tailored advertising and retina scanning has reached the real world too. Well, almost...

Advertisers' newest tactics include plasma screens that are being placed in shopping malls across the country. The screens analyze shoppers' faces to determine if they're male or female and then put up a different ad based on gender. They can even determine age and ethnicity.

I'm looking forward to the many dilemma and public outrage presented by the gay community. Those that cross-dress and others that simply don't comply with gender-image stereotypes. That won't stop anyone though, and with the giant marketing budgets of big-business in today's world, I'd bet that we'll become subject to this sort of advertising much sooner than we expect, regardless of where you are in the world.

On another cool tech note, Wired has published an article about the future of digital distribution and consequent death of conventional television - definately worth a read!

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