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Eric Pianka Wants To Eat Your Children With Ebola And French Fries

So there's been a lot of internet traffic circulating recently about a speech Dr. Eric Pianka gave on March 5th in Beaumont, Texas:
Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% of Human Population [prisonplanet.com]

I was there. You were not. Nor was anyone at Drudge Report, Prison Planet, Citizen Scientist or wherever else you might've heard the hearsay from.

The story is a lie. Forrest Mims, the writer, with a BA in Government and a fellowship at the Discovery Institute [discovery.org] (creationist think-tank), had a problem with the subject matter and so he wrote a completely dishonest mischaracterization of it. It got in the news, it got in the Drudge Report, and now it's propagated through the internet like it was human-virulent airborne Ebola (which doesn't exist).

Pianka gave a speech saying that we shouldn't keep heedlessly expanding our population- we need to control it before it's too late. Taking a cue from Jonathan Swift [wikipedia.org], he took the tone that "I'm rooting for airborne ebola". The speech was broadcast in part later that night on KFDM Channel Six, the local CBS affiliate, and Pianka was given the Distinguished Scientist Award for 2006, from the respected Texas Academy of Sciences.
Texas is a big place, folks, with lots of universities and a thing called NASA. Science is indeed an export.

Mims wrote that he wants to use Ebola to kill everyone, the cameras were sent away, and the leering elitists cheered like some freakish occult death-cult.

It was a speech about what we need to do in order to avoid mass plague death (which is already happening): we need to quit increasing the population. And the main point of the speech was, what we need to do if we want there to still be an environment to study in 100 years- we need to stop destroying it.

If you're interested in discussion on the topic or further details, I've got a writeup of everything I saw, know, and have learned from being here in the continuing aftermath of it over here [livejournal.com].
If you're not interested in future details, let it be sufficient to know- this is one creationist's vendetta against the concept that humans, too, are subject to extinction, and the entire internet's failure to apply critical thinking to even the most ludicrous of stories.


Edit- HTML fixed. How do I leave the quote out of a hyperlink, I don't know.
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Haven't read the thing, but it sounds like that writer is a wanker.

So I'll be it was more like what scientist was trying to say was that either we can control our population of mother nature will do it for us, and very *very* efficiently? Like a 'correction' in the stock market and in any other natural process that goes out-of-bounds.

Well maybe not the stock market(because thats rigidly controlled) but I get the point.
I didn't know you were in this community! Small virtual world.
I screwed up the HTML. :(

I fixed it now. There's a link to the original article in my post.
Yeah, I read it yesterday (after hearing a brief spot on CNN) and the writer (Forestt something or other) struck me as a kneejerk type.

By all means, tell me more.
holy shit I fucked up the HTML didn't I?
Fixed- link included.
I had not heard of this.
Ick that the creationists are misrepresenting what is said.

I agree we need to control our population. In Europe at least it is fairly controlled and the population is hardly rising at all and in some places falling as few families here have more than 2 children. In other parts of the world however it is growing and growing and growing at a scary rate which is taxing the earth's recourses. If only the major religions would get behind contraception and educate people in it's use then that could make a start at controlling our population.

More equality for women around the world would help too. When women are able to have careers similar to those of men then they often leap at those and are less likely to have large families as stay at home Mum's. Most if they have children at all only have one or two.

Alas as long as the major religions push on us the importance to breed the problem will continue to spiral out of control.
Agreed on all counts.